Sunday, March 8, 2009

Small in the Beginning.

When Kitty first came to us, she was tiny. She fit well into really small places, including a cat carrier meant for small cats and dogs. We thought she'd stay that way since she was already three years old. Now she's fat. When we first brought her home, she'd sleep in the bookshelf in her room, and hide behind the sofa (see pictures above). Now she can hardly jump onto the sofa without her blubber bringing her back down to the floor. We think that she spent so much time on the run when she was homeless that she burned quite a few calories.

Now, since she no longer has to fight other animals and run, she's gained quite a bit of weight. On our last visit to the vet, we were told that she was on the verge of getting kitty diabetes. But we know that ragdolls get pretty big and heavy, so I think she'll be okay. And, we've cut down the amount of food we leave in her bowl.

As much as we've tried, Kitty is not interested in playing with any toys. She doesn't even move when we play laser pointer, and lets stringy kitty toys hit her in the face when we try to taunt her. Poor Kitty.

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