Friday, March 6, 2009

Bringing Bunnicula Home

On a sunny day in June 2008, Jon and I made the decision to adopt a kitty from the animal shelter. A couple of years ago, we bought a purebread ragdoll kitten named William Wallace from a nice lady who owned a ragdoll cattery in Maryland. When we moved out here to California, we decided to leave him with Jon's sweet parents, hoping that we could prevent any emotional trauma to the cat (6+ hours on a plane didn't seem very pet-friendly!).

We moved into a bigger apartment, and were ready to take on another kitty, but wanted a ragdoll because they are such sweet and docile beasts. Our little munchkin looked ragged and cross-eyed in her Internet photo, but we fell in love immediately and went to check her out one Saturday afternoon.

When we didn't see her at the shelter, we thought someone had adopted her, but later found out that she was recovering from a cold and was being held in the back room. When they brought her out, she was completely shaved, except for her cute little munchkin face, which was covered in thick rabbit-like fur, like a lion. She had a scar on her nose, and it looked like she had been at war with some wild animals while she was homeless.

Nevertheless, we fell in love and decided that we wanted to adopt her. We brought her home in a cardboard box with her shelter name "ELEKTRA" written in permanent marker on the side. She cried all the way home.

She was a tiny little thing, and we adored her. The first picture is our ARF adoption photo. The one below that is a photo of little Bunnicula when we brought her home and let her leave her box (don't worry, she wasn't wrapped in the plastic bag when we drove her home).

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