Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camo Kitty.

Kitty always blends in with the blankets on our sofa. Can you find the spotted little moo?

Your favorite topic. Stuff on my kitty.

Kitty met Lovey the Lavender Lamb for the first time this evening. The animal shelter told us that she wouldn't be good with other animals, but she seemed to take to Lovey pretty well (except in one of the photos). Many of my friends have requested more photos of stuff on my cat, so here they are. She is truly the most patient and lazy cat on the planet. She honestly doesn't even move when I pile things on her. It's hard to find light things around the house, so you'll notice that I got desperate after a little of digging.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Even More Stuff on my Kitty.

Honestly, Kitty doesn't move when we stack stuff on her (it's all really lightweight, I promise). Anyone need kitty models? She is really so lazy that she won't move, even during a long photo shoot. As you can see, she started the evening by laying across Jon's legs when he propped his legs on our ottoman. We felt that this was prime time to put stuff on our kitty.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love is Patient.

My friends at work are most fascinated with my "stuff on my kitty" photos. Kitty is so patient that she just sits and yawns while I take pictures of her posing with random products from our house. Cats are really strange that way, aren't they?

Crucial Kitty Products.

Since I am deathly allergic to cats, we have to take some serious measures to keep the house allergen-proof. There are two important must-haves in our home that help keep kitty dander at bay. The new Pledge Fabric Sweeper is an amazing, amazing product that keeps our sofa clean and free of kitty hair. I love the product because it is so efficacious. However, when I shared my feelings about it to my coworkers this afternoon, they berated me because it wasn't reusable and wasted so much plastic (Since we're from the east coast, we didn't take that into consideration when buying it). So yes. It's a great product and works well, and my coworkers will soon be patenting a similar product that is much more environmentally friendly.

The second must-have for allergy sufferers in general is my beloved Austin Air Healthmate and/or Pet Machine. These will run you about $500 each, but they are the best air cleaners in the world. The Pet Machine is the monster that sucks up dust and keeps pet dander from floating around and aggravating allergies.

Both of these products will allow you to share your home with an animal while remaining healthy.

Kitty Manicure.

Our kitty is so sweet and docile. The only time her demons come out is when we need to clip her nails. She gets so angry and un-kittylike when it comes time for a manicure that the first time, we paid a vet to do it. Even then, it took one vet and about four vet techs to hold her down while she howled in agony.

Our vet told us that we needed to "burrito" her into a blanket or a towel so that we could work on one paw at a time. She also told us that we should place her onto a surface that she's not familiar with so that she is more likely to cooperate. Clipping her nails takes us about 40 minutes.

We're still not experts, but we're hoping that she'll come around and learn to accept it.

The photo above shows kitty pre-manicure, in burrito-mode.