Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crucial Kitty Products.

Since I am deathly allergic to cats, we have to take some serious measures to keep the house allergen-proof. There are two important must-haves in our home that help keep kitty dander at bay. The new Pledge Fabric Sweeper is an amazing, amazing product that keeps our sofa clean and free of kitty hair. I love the product because it is so efficacious. However, when I shared my feelings about it to my coworkers this afternoon, they berated me because it wasn't reusable and wasted so much plastic (Since we're from the east coast, we didn't take that into consideration when buying it). So yes. It's a great product and works well, and my coworkers will soon be patenting a similar product that is much more environmentally friendly.

The second must-have for allergy sufferers in general is my beloved Austin Air Healthmate and/or Pet Machine. These will run you about $500 each, but they are the best air cleaners in the world. The Pet Machine is the monster that sucks up dust and keeps pet dander from floating around and aggravating allergies.

Both of these products will allow you to share your home with an animal while remaining healthy.

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