Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kitty Manicure.

Our kitty is so sweet and docile. The only time her demons come out is when we need to clip her nails. She gets so angry and un-kittylike when it comes time for a manicure that the first time, we paid a vet to do it. Even then, it took one vet and about four vet techs to hold her down while she howled in agony.

Our vet told us that we needed to "burrito" her into a blanket or a towel so that we could work on one paw at a time. She also told us that we should place her onto a surface that she's not familiar with so that she is more likely to cooperate. Clipping her nails takes us about 40 minutes.

We're still not experts, but we're hoping that she'll come around and learn to accept it.

The photo above shows kitty pre-manicure, in burrito-mode.

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